We understand that doing your tax return can be a stressful and at times bothersome experience. Yet being prepared with some key items of information can make your tax return experience much more convenient and hassle-free. Have a read through the list in the full article to see if it jogs your memory about work related expense claims or other tax deductible items that may have slipped your mind.

BLOG: Items to consider for your Income Tax Return 2015

Items to consider in your 2015 tax return


  • Employment income (salary/wages)
  • Allowances / tips / director’s fees
  • Employer lump sum payment
  • Employment termination payment (ETP)
  • Centrelink / pension income
  • Annuities / superannuation lump sum payments
  • Interest amounts and TFN credits
  • Dividends, imputation and TFN credits
  • Employee share schemes
  • Partnership and Trust distributions
  • Business income
  • Capital gains / losses
  • Foreign income
  • Rental property income

Specific deductions

  • Income protection insurance
  • Union fees
  • Home office expenses
  • Seminars / courses / conferences
  • Overtime meal expenses
  • Briefcase
  • Tools and equipment
  • Depreciation on work-related assets
  • Calculator / electronic organiser
  • Computer costs including repairs and printing costs
  • Software
  • Memberships and subscriptions
  • Telephone / mobile phone / internet
  • Bank fees related to such things as deductible purchases
  • Interest expenses related to such things as deductible purchases
  • Sun protection items like sunscreen, safety glasses and protective gloves
  • Reference books / journals / trade magazines

General tax deductions

  • Work--related motor vehicle expenses (you may need a log book for these)
  • Work-related travel expenses (you may need a travel diary for these)
  • Work-related clothing and laundry expenses
  • Work-related self-education expenses
  • Other work-related expenses (see below)
  • Interest and dividend deductions
  • Gifts and donations
  • Tax related expenses including tax agent fees and travel to tax appointment
  • Undeducted purchase price pension / annuity

Other items to consider

  • Higher education loan program (HELP) / HECS
  • Student financial supplement scheme (SFSS)
  • Child support agency liability
  • Net medical expenses offset
  • Health insurance statement
  • PAYG instalment credits
  • Other offsets and tax credits
  • Reportable fringe benefits amount

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