Self managed superannuation funds (DIY super) are the preferred investment for thousands of Australians.

Most are attracted by benefits like investment flexibility, control and asset protection. Whether self managed super fits into your big picture depends on many factors – especially your long-term wealth goals. Ganrid Consultants develop superannuation solutions so business owners and individuals can control and manage their own retirement savings. Maximising the benefits Optimising the advantages of self managed super takes a planned approach. Ganrid Consultants ensure you gain utmost value from your fund and achieve positive outcomes like:

  • Flexibility: your choice of investments, from shares to property and beyond 
  • Control: instead of an investment manager, you direct your own super funds 
  • Protection: secure your wealth and assets against bankruptcy or legal action 
  • Pooling: self managed super funds accommodate up to four family members 
  • Returns: create a personal wealth generator through agile investment choice 

Shares, property or managed funds, DIY superannuation investment choices are always yours. Ganrid Consultants is simply the guiding hand that keeps your SMSF working hard, from asset accumulation to retirement.

SMSF compliance

The Australian superannuation sector is strictly regulated. Even a single breach can attract heavy penalties and incur tax rates up to 45%. Ganrid Consultants expert superannuation accountants help you improve tax efficiency and eliminate non-compliance through:

  • Conforming fund establishment and administration 
  • SMSF financial reporting and audits 
  • Practical tax advice and personalised solutions 

Ganrid Consultants want to secure a future where you enjoy control of your hard-earned retirement resources. Ask us about self managed super today.