Solutions for challenging issues are the focus beyond planning and executing your business strategy.

Most business owners struggle with operational, financial or project related concerns at some time. Ganrid Consultants know continued business growth relies on:

  • Transforming your organisation, process and culture 
  • Agility to shift with changing market conditions 
  • Delivering the service that attracts high value clients

Business peaks and pitfalls

While it’s certainly the case that small to medium business owners can win jobs over larger competitors. It is also true that servicing these customers, or any client, demands rigorous attention to detail. Pitching for work outside your core expertise or failing to put clear milestones in place are common routes to mistakes and financial pressure. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Management Consulting offers the advice, guidance and tools you need to attract and service your ideal customer, including:

  • Operation
    Creating robust business processes and systems that deliver constant quality 
  • Financial
    Profit planning that identifies high value clients and work with good margins 
  • Projects
    Efficient job administration to contain costs and optimise customer experiences 
  • Contracts
    Pitching for work, setting goals and expectations and establishing terms of trade 
  • Communication
    Effective ways to ensure your team and customers enjoy open feedback channels 

The consulting advantage

Outsourcing your learning makes good business sense. Not only do Ganrid Consultants quickly identify your business strengths and weaknesses. Learning through others’ experience, lets you elevate skills quickly and move your business forward. In this way, Management Consulting becomes far more asset than cost.

Ask us how Management Consulting could benefit your business.