Tax for locums can be a taxing business with its complex rules and restrictions. We’ll help simplify the complex and find ways to save you tax so you can invest in your future.

As a locum, you know how significant your tax obligations are and how confusing rules like PSI can be.We won’t give you an off-the-shelf solution because we know everyone’s situation is different, particularly if you’re an expat in Australia.

We’ll personalise our service to your specific tax issues and put a plan in place that protects you from potential tax problems in the future. And we’ll simplify even the most complicated tax scenariosso you know exactly where you’re at. We can deal with, for example:

  • Your annual returns 
  • Capital Gains Tax implications of personal investment 
  • Taxation of trusts and family companies 
  • Large generational cash or asset transfers 

Contact us for more information on our specialist taxation services for locums.