For any doctor or medical practice, Australia’s tax regulations can be a source of confusion—particularly if you just started a private medical clinic and are just lodging taxes for the first time as a business. However, taxation in the medical field is perhaps never more complicated and confusing than it is for temporary physicians or locums. Locum doctors—who spend their time filling in for absent physicians or helping at short-staffed hospitals—have different tax obligations, restrictions, and rules than physicians who hold full-time positions.

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Matters are made even more challenging for locum doctors given the fact that many general accountants don’t entirely understand the locum profession. For the most part, when the public thinks of a doctor, they think of their general physician—someone they can rely on to be there for check-ups, treatments, consultations and advice month after month and year after year. Locum doctors don’t fit that mould, which means that many people don’t fully understand what locums do or why they do it.

If you are a locum doctor and are relying on an accountant to help you with taxation matters, it goes without saying that you want to have someone in your corner who understands not only your profession but also the unique tax obligations that you face. If you end up in a general accountant’s office with someone who needs you to explain what a locum physician is, that interaction doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that your finances are in good hands. What you need is a doctor accountant in Windsor.

At Ganrid Consultants, we are proud to provide a doctor accounting service in Windsor. We are not general accountants who serve clients from all industries and only have limited knowledge of the medical profession. Instead, we serve only medical businesses and professionals. Among our client list are locum physicians—professionals who are dealing with the same tax obligations and other financial challenges that you face on a regular basis. In other words, we not only know what a locum is, but we also know how to help you with various common tax issues.

What are your obligations regarding Goods and Services Tax? What do you need to know about confusing rules like PSI (Personal Services Income)? What can you do on your annual tax returns to save money without risking incompliance? When you come to Ganrid Consultants and sit down with our doctor accountants in Windsor, we will help you find the answers to these questions and any other enquiries you might have. Our goal is to help you devise a personally tailored tax plan that works for you.

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Locum doctors serve an important role in our healthcare industry but are often misunderstood. Don’t let that misunderstanding cost you money or lead you down a road towards incompliance. With the help of Ganrid Consultants and our accountants for doctors in Windsor, you can get the professional taxation advice you deserve. Call us on (03) 9793 7233 to learn more or to schedule a sit-down with one of our accountants.