Having appropriate accounting software for your medical clinic is essential for ensuring accurate financial statements, timely payroll actions and compliant tax payments. However, the fact is that many general accounting software products just don’t have the specialised features that businesses in the medical field need. As a result, practices like yours could be forced either to use software that isn’t a great match with your processes and requirements or to handle critical accounting tasks completely manually. Needless to say, neither option is ideal.

Work with a Medical Accountant in Southbank and Get the Accounting Software Your Clinic Needs

At Ganrid Consultants, we understand that general accounting software isn’t always the best fit for the specific accounting needs of medical clinics. We know this fact because we are not general accountants, but medical accountants serving Southbank and the rest of the Melbourne area. We’ve tailored our accounting services to suit doctors, dentists, and their independent businesses.

Our tailored services don’t stop at accounting, either. On the contrary, we can also get you set up with accounting software capable of meeting all your needs. Even with the help of a talented accountant, you can only accomplish so much regarding tax planning, wealth building or other financial planning if your records aren’t accurate. The accounting software we use, called Xero, is based in the cloud and provides a more intuitive way to keep track of human resources, staff rosters, payroll and doctor operations.

Even Xero’s base software is better for medical clinics than most other accounting software programs. You will find that, by leveraging Xero in the cloud, you are better equipped to monitor the various angles of your business administration and formulate strategies that maximise efficiency, save you money and help you stay compliant.

At Ganrid Consultants, our doctor accountants in Southbank can also help assess your business model and incorporate Xero’s add-on features into your version—so that you have a cloud accounting program that is truly tailored to meet your needs. We will even teach you how to use Xero so that your practice can hit the ground running without the long learning curve typically associated with new software.

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Perhaps your practice has run into compliance issues in the past, or maybe you are just trying to prevent future situations where poor recordkeeping costs your business money or time. Either way, having accounting software like Xero in place can help.

If your clinic needs a new piece of accounting software and you are tired of dealing with programs that are a poor fit with your business practices, give us a call at Ganrid Consultants today. Our accountants for doctors in Southbank can assist you with software implementation while also providing advisory on your finances, taxes, investments and more. To get in touch with our team, call us on (03) 9793 7233 today.