You are in the process of launching your medical practice, and you have many of the bigger details sketched out. You’ve selected your premises, hired your team, and started getting the word out about your business. Perhaps you have even sat down with an accountant to discuss some of the finer financial details of your new venture.

One detail that doctors often forget about when going into business for themselves is retirement. If you have previously worked for a major hospital or and established practice that provided you with benefits, then you are probably used to having your retirement plan provided by an employer. As the owner and proprietor of a private practice, though, you will need to establish a plan for yourself and your employees. Sitting down with a doctor accountant in Richmond can help you identify your options and start making plans for how to build wealth once your new clinic is accepting patients.

Ganrid Consultants: Accountants for Doctors in Richmond

If you are looking for someone to help you plan for your future wealth, then Ganrid Consultants is the firm to call. We are medical accountants in Richmond. Similar to other business accountants, we help companies—from start-up ventures to more established businesses—plan and handle their finances. Unlike other business accountants, we have an industry niche and only serve the healthcare field. Our clientele is composed entire of doctors, dentists, and other types of medical clinics.

Our focus on the medical niche allows us to offer specialised services that other accountants can’t. For one thing, we handle accounting, compliance, and business advisory matters under one roof. When you need help financial statements, budget preparation, income forecasts and payroll matters, we can lend a hand. When the time comes to prepare tax documents for your business, we can help to make sure everything is accurate and fully compliant. And when you are looking at ways to grow your business and sow the seeds for future success, we can advise you on the smartest strategies to achieve your goals.

By providing services in all these categories, our doctor accountants in Richmond are well-positioned to gain a complete picture of your business and your finances. As a result, we are the best people to help you achieve your goals for growing wealth—not just for your business, but for yourself and your family as well.

Start Making Retirement Plans with the Help of Our Medical Accountants

If you are in the process of starting a new medical practice and need to plan for retirement savings, sitting down with a medical accountant from Richmond’s Ganrid Consultants is a good place to start. We have professional superannuation accountants on our team, who can talk to you about self-managed super funds (SMSFs), which are the perfect retirement vehicles for private practice doctors. If you decide to start an SMSF, we can help you establish it, pick the investments, and monitor your wealth.

Often, Ganrid Consultants establishes long-term accounting relationships with the doctors who call us for help with SMSF establishment and administration. Whether you are looking for a way to save for retirement or need financial advice for your business, our accountants for doctors in Richmond are happy to help. Call us on (03) 9793 7233 to get started.