Do you wish that you could find an accountant who understood your business better? Many business accounting firms offer the same kind of advice no matter what your type of business. They might take the time to get to know your business, your taxation situation, and your overall finances, but they have limited background in your actual industry.

For some types of businesses, this arrangement is just fine: they need financial advice and accounting; it doesn’t necessarily need to come from someone who knows their industry well. In the medical profession, though—where there are so many private practitioners and unique compliance factors—it can be frustrating trying to work with a general accountant. That’s why, at Ganrid Consultants, we offer professional medical accountants in Melbourne.

What Is a Medical Accountant?

If you have never worked with a doctor accountant in Melbourne, then you might not even know that specialised medical accountants exist. In that case, what can you expect from working with Ganrid Consultants? Specifically, what makes us different from other companies in the accounting sphere—firms that don’t label themselves as ‘accountants for doctors in Melbourne’?

Regarding services, we are just like any other accounting firm: we help companies structure their businesses, plan for taxes, build wealth and stay on the right side of compliance. The difference between Ganrid Consultants and other accounting firms in the Melbourne area is that we work exclusively with medical professionals—including doctors and dentists.

Why Work with a Medical Accountant in Melbourne?

If you feel you are not getting the specialised service that you want from your current accountant, Ganrid Consultants can help. Typically, we work with growing medical practices or single practitioners within the medical care space. These businesses are looking for specific, detailed advice on how best to structure or fund their businesses, reduce their tax burdens, or plan for investments or other wealth-growing opportunities. A general accountant can provide general advice on these subjects, but can’t provide the kind of personalised advice that clients in the medical industry are seeking.

At Ganrid Consultants, our doctor accountants in Melbourne have the industry experience and specialised knowledge to provide a more personalised and detail-oriented accounting service for medical businesses. This kind of industry-focused advice is something that you just can’t get from other accounting firms, and it’s our speciality at Ganrid Consultants. We are familiar with medical business structures, taxation structures, wealth building opportunities, compliance factors and other rules, trends or best practices associated with the medical profession. Regardless of whether your business is just getting started or has a 20-year reputation in the community, our services can bring something new to the table.

Are you interested in learning more about Ganrid Consultants and the benefits of working with a medical accountant in Melbourne? If so, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your finances. You can reach us by dialling (03) 9793 7233.