In many cases, entrepreneurs and small business owners are people who went to university for business and have an in-depth knowledge of finance and taxation. Doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals are exceptions. If you recently launched your own medical practice—or are in the process of starting a new business—then you might not know the first thing about business administration. Still, when tax time rolls around each year, you will be expected to lodge your return—hopefully without making any mistakes that cost you extra money or breach compliance.

Solve Your Tax Woes: Hire a Medical Accountant in Malvern

Tax season is no one’s favourite time, but it can be especially frustrating for sole practitioners or small business owners in the medical industry. Luckily, at Ganrid Consultants, we are here to make the entire process feel a bit less taxing. We are an accounting firm based in Melbourne, but we aren’t just an accounting firm. On the contrary, our team is made up of professional medical accountants who service Malvern, Richmond, and other areas in and around Melbourne.

What’s the difference between a general accountant and a medical accountant such as Malvern’s Ganrid Consultants? Our accountants have devoted their careers to working exclusively with people and businesses in the medical field. What that means is that you can hand over your tax matters to us and have confidence that we are aware of all tax compliance factors that are exclusive to your industry.

Not only are out taxation services tailored to your industry, but we also tailor them to your business. We know the best ways to save you money on your tax payments and minimise cash flow impacts without risking an audit. Whether you are working on your annual return, navigating the confusing maze of Goods and Services Tax regulations, or doing payroll tax returns for the first time, we can take the pain and hassle out of the process.

In exchange, we will provide you with peace of mind: assurance that someone who knows your industry is handling your taxes, and comfort from knowing that you can focus on your patients instead of fretting about taxes.

Are you Just Starting a New Business? Start Planning for Taxes Now with the Help of Ganrid Consultants

If you are just in the process of setting up your medical practice, our accountants for doctors in Malvern can help you plan things with taxes in mind. From business structure to the accounting software you use, many of the choices you make in the early days of your business will affect your taxation process for years to come. Call Ganrid Consultants to get help making the right decisions the first time around.

If you are struggling with tax matters for your medical practice, don’t settle for just any accountant to help you. Instead, call Ganrid Consultants and experience the benefits and personalised treatment of our accounting services for doctors in Malvern. Call (03) 9793 7233 to learn more.