As the owner of a small or mid-sized medical practice, you wear many hats. On the one hand, you are a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, or some other practising medical professional. You have patients, treatments, and procedures that you need to attend to daily. On the other hand, you are a business owner, which means that you must worry about the process of owning and operating a business. From marketing and promotion to finances, your responsibilities run deep.

At Ganrid Consultants, we know that split focus is not an asset for anyone working in the medical professional. When you have a million things on your plate that you must juggle, it makes it difficult to give your full attention to your patients. That’s why we offer accounting for doctors in Glen Iris: so that you can clear your plate and put more of your focus on the part of your business that matters most.

Ganrid Consultants and Our Medical Accountants in Glen Iris

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by some of the more administrative tasks that come with running a business, then you may have already considered hiring an accountant to assist with the financial side of your practice. However, have you thought about hiring a medical accountant to help take your Glen Iris practice to the next level?

Established in 2010, Ganrid Consultants is a team of accountants for doctors in Glen Iris. Unlike other accounting firms, we only work with businesses in the medical sector. Instead of spreading ourselves too thin and trying to provide a ‘one size fits all’ accounting service for businesses in a broad range of industries, we took the time to learn the medical industry inside and out.

This insider knowledge is key to the services we offer. When you hire us to handle your accounting tasks, you don’t have to worry about us learning about medical tax structures and compliance factors on the fly. Instead, you can trust us to take on every job with the trained eye of a medical industry pro—from financial statements to budgets to payroll and entitlements, all the way to your accounting records.

Make Your Life Easier by Hiring a Medical Accountant

Often, we hear from the owners of medical clinics and practices about their struggles with the administrative sides of their businesses. They are exhausted and overwhelmed from handling everything themselves, but know that the stakes are so high with the accounting and finances that they haven’t been willing to hire an outside party to handle those responsibilities. When you work with the medical accountants at Ganrid Consultants in Glen Iris, you can trust that we will handle your accounts with meticulous attention to detail and full compliance with all government regulations. We know the stakes are high, too, and always act accordingly.

If you’ve been putting off hiring an accountant because you weren’t sure if there was a service specialised enough to meet your needs, wait no further. With Ganrid Consultants and our accounting for doctors in Glen Iris, you can finally relinquish control of your accounting without worrying about the consequences. Call us on (03) 9793 7233 to learn more about our medical expertise and the services it allows us to provide.