Think back to years ago, when you first decided that you wanted to have your own medical practice in Glen Iris. Whether you wanted to run a general practice or had a passion for something as specific as dentistry, you probably imagined that rewarding work would fill your days and that would help to make the people in your area healthier and accomplish some good in the world. What you may not have imagined were the headaches and difficulties of trying to manage the money flowing in and out of your practice each year. Finances can be stressful—that much is true of almost any career. That said, when your business is responsible for the health and well-being of hundreds or even thousands of people, yours might be a little more stressful than most.

Some of you with small practices may be ready to start working with an accountant, while those of you with larger firms may deal with accountants regularly already. The trouble with this is that accountants aren’t always well-informed about practices and regulations among healthcare practitioners, making it difficult for them to understand your finances to the point where they can perform accurate calculations or provide helpful advice for future growth. It’s difficult to successfully help develop a business you don’t have much personal experience in, which is why some accountants struggle to make sense of the medical world. Fortunately, though, it’s possible to find dedicated medical practice accounting in Glen Iris if you know where to look.

A General Practice Accountant for Glen Iris Practitioners

Enter Ganrid Consultants. Since 2010, we’ve worked specifically with healthcare professionals to provide them with some of the best financial services available in Glen Iris. Our general practice accountants understand the unique needs of the medical field, which allows us to offer a level of service unmatched by firms who take a more general approach to accounting. When you choose to work with Ganrid Consultants, you’ll be able to benefit from the skills and knowledge of people who know exactly how your finances need to support your line of work.

How Our Business Can Grow Yours

Ganrid Consultants understands that the more time you spend worrying about your finances, the less time you have to dedicate to your business. That’s why we aim to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to protecting your wealth and optimising your taxes. Whether you’re looking for a service to manage your records, perform payroll calculations, or get your financial statements ready, we’re here to make sure it all happens as smoothly as possible.

At Ganrid Consultants, we also maintain a firm commitment to offering our services at fair rates. Unlike accountants that charge for their services by the minute, we provide fixed rates for our work. Find out how you can benefit from our services today. Contact Ganrid Consultants and ask about our solutions.