A doctor’s day is pretty jam packed. It’s the same situation for a dentist. He or she wants to devote as much time as possible to helping their patients. A doctor who is working as a locum can face even more time constraints, particularly when working at a temporary position that requires long travel times. It doesn’t leave much time to think about financial planning. Yet it’s probably fair to say that almost every medical professional, be they doctor or dentist, knows that planning is one of the keys to building wealth. The question is how to find the time and the right person to consult.

For medical professionals who want to gain a better understanding of their business or their personal financial situation, the answer is working with health accountants. If you’re a doctor or dentist and you’re looking for an accounting firm that offers individualised and personal service you should contact Ganrid Consultants.

When you need top doctorate accounting skills

Medical professionals face unique financial challenges. If they run a practice or a large firm, there are important tax questions they must consider. Their income levels are higher than most of their peers which means that debt accumulation is not as much of a concern – if the right investment opportunity comes along it’s easier to borrow money to take advantage of it. Dentists have similar financial concerns. The need to consult with dental accountants grows as their practice grows.

Doctors and dentists just finishing medical training and who are about to open their own practice, need sound financial advice, as do those joining a larger practice or work in a hospital. Doctors who work as locums often face difficult to understand tax rules and regulations. They need to work with someone who can tell them about the pitfalls and the opportunities that await them. It is imperative that whether a doctor has been in practice for a long time or he or she is just starting that they feel confident about their financial strategy for the future.

We offer personalised service

As an accounting firm, we only work with medical professionals, so we have a thorough understanding of the particular financial needs of any doctor or dentist. Our team of highly skilled professionals are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to doctorate accounting. The personalised service we offer means that we will sit down and discuss your personal and professional goals with the aim of creating a financial strategy that will help you build wealth.

Investment opportunities, tax strategies, and retirement planning are some of the things that we can help you and your practice develop. We offer the kind of experience with the medical profession that you can’t get with ordinary accounting firms. We want to help you better understand your business, create strategies that will help your practice and personal income grow and give you solid advice to help you develop short and long-term goals. We offer impeccable customer service and fixed and upfront pricing. We want to help make your medical practice perfect.